The insurtech community is growing quickly and interest in how technology can change insurance has never been higher.

We’re really passionate about insurtech at Artificial Labs. So much so that we have created a community driven news platform for people in all areas of insurance to post stories and get involved in the conversation. We want everyone to be a part of the future of insurance, so whatever your role in the industry’s modernisation, sign up and get involved.

Once you have created a profile, you will receive a newsletter with all of the latest insurtech stories and innovations posted to this site. If you like a story, upvote it and the most popular stories will appear at the top of the page. Comments on stories can also be up voted, so you will always see the best content.

This project is currently in beta testing, and registrations are now open to the community. We will be making regular updates to the functionality of the site. If you have suggestions for features, please mention them in the comments.

Stay tuned, Artificial Labs ✌️


3 months ago

Super exciting to see this come to life!